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Adrian & Anna & Boat bookcase
Side view of bookshop

a tale of many cities, adventures and a happy ending...

Anna and Adrian first talked about having a bookshop together over 30 years ago. But life , as it always does, happened and the bookshop remained a distant much loved dream...

Anna moved to beautiful Hunstanton 12 years ago and longed for someone else to open a bookshop every time there was a vacant shop... but it didn't happen... until this year when No9 High Street became available, so they jumped at the perfect opportunity to open Hunstantons' first bookshop since the 1990's

 A labour of love and a passion for reading has inspired them to make the bookshop part of the local community, reaching out to local authors and small presses to stock their work, and making the bookshop a warm, welcoming environment to inspire and entertain.

by the book hopes to encourage younger readers with their dedicated area ~ and even from the very first weekend families were sitting in the booktent reading stories outloud.

 Alongside the very best quality preloved paperback fiction books, you'll find classic literature and poetry, vintage  books and much-loved childrens novels, a bookcase of orange, green and other penguin books, art, cookery and crafting, photography, as well as local specialty books for walkers, birdwatchers, train enthusiasts, and many more. 

We also stock a selection of Museums and Galleries cards and gifts

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9 High Street Hunstanton Norfolk PE36 5AB

Tel: (+44) 01485 522349

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